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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Practice Milestone: The Sorto String

The "Sorto String" is one of the main drills
in my Optimum Practice routine.
Last night, in one stretch of 4 attempts out of 10,
I made two perfect runs through the 9 ball
and two 'almost' runs through the 8 ball.
(making the 8 but just barely touching the
side rail with the cue ball)
This gave me a new high average for the session.
It's truly a beautiful thing when it works!
Practice stats of note:
So far this month, 11 Optimum Practice sessions,
totalling 23 hours, 2555 balls pocketed,
at 1.8 balls pocketed per minute.
Updated Optimum Practice Spreadsheet
is now posted.



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