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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Warrior Spirit sold to Singapore

The "Warrior Spirit" is Sold
Can you imagine shooting pool in a place
where you want to keep a low profile?
Yeah, me too.
I've been in a few of those places.

It may be a good idea to leave your favorite cue at home.

For occasions such as this,
you can not find a better instrument than this:

The Warrior Spirit #1, far left.

Predator P2,basic black, with black leather wrap,
no points, no markings.
Predator 314 shaft (29"), Moori medium tip.
Overall weight 18.7 oz.
Good condition.

Sold today to a new owner in Singapore.
Includes Certificate of Provenance by FastMikie.

Proceeds went to this charity.

This is the first cue I bought at the end of the
Forty Years of The Dark Ages of No Pool.
I wanted to take advantage of the new low deflection technology.
I was using this cue when our team won
the City Championships, 9-ball, in 2004.
I also used this cue to go
undefeated in the US Amateur championships in 2004.

This cue has the spirit of a warrior.

Why would I sell such a cue?
It is The Way of The Cue
to be not attached to the things of this world.
As Miyamoto Musashi said,
in his 21 Precepts,
" Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons
beyond what is useful."

Certificate of Provenance

Issued to (New Owner)
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Item: Pool Cue "Warrior Spirit"
Description: Predator P2 Black, Black leather wrap, Predator shaft

This cue was purchased new by Michael McCafferty (aka "FastMikie") on Tuesday, March 24, 2004 to replace his 45 year old (at the time) Willie Hoppe cue which was retired on that date. See the story for more details.

This cue was used in APA competition for the next two years and distinguished itself by going undefeated in the US Amateur Championships, California, in 2004 (see the story of FastMikie's participation in that event) and also going undefeated in the APA Masters Triple Play (8 ball and 9 ball, US Amateur format) against the highest ranked players (see dated entries in this blog for more information on those competitions).

This cue was also used in the very memorable
Big Win of February 2006
(see this story at
for more details).

Retired from competition later in 2006 and kept at FastMikie's Fun House and used as a guest cue, but only rarely.

Offered for sale, with proceeds going to this charity in 2008.
On the above date The Warrior Spirit was sold and shipped to:

All of the above is sworn to be true by the cue's sole owner since new, until this date.


Michael McCafferty


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