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Friday, April 11, 2008

Optimum Practice: Shots per Minute

In a recent upgrade to the
Optimum Practice spreadsheet,
I added the calculation of Shots per Minute,
which is the total number of shots taken
divided by the total practice time in minutes.

I had a vague feeling that my
Optimum Practice sessions were efficient,
but this new calculation was a real eye-opener!

In recent sessions I have recorded
that I'm taking at least 1.8 to 2 shots/minute,
on average,
over the entire 3 hour session.
That seems to be WAY more than
I would experience in a normal practice session
and definitely far more than in any
competitive situation.

Probably 2 to 3 times better.

More shots in less time
means greater efficiency.
More muscle memory and more learning
for the investment of time.

If you want this newly updated Excel spreadsheet,
click here.
Personal use only. Not to be copied.


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