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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tip Shape Tip

Yesterday at the Nine Ball Blast,
Tony introduced me to Jim DeCicco ("DC")
and suggested that we would make a good match.
He was right!

We played for about 6 hours today,
starting off with a race to 9 in 9-ball.
I came from behind to make it hill-hill
and then lost with a miss on a 2-9 combo
that was no cinch by any means,
but I just didn't see any alternative.

Next we played straight pool to 50,
and it was close all the way,
but I squeaked out a victory by 2 balls.

With such close matches,
it was obvious that Tony had our speed figured.
We could have called it quits at 1 match each,
but I think we both wanted to see if
we could earn a convincing win,
so we launched another 9-ball match,
this time a race to 7.

I guess I got lucky.
The match ended at 7-2.

Jim's a real good shooter,
and has an encyclopedic knowledge of
the San Diego pool scene
and kept me entertained with stories.
I'm sure we'll have a re-match soon.
Time well spent.
Thanks, Jim!

During the first two matches,
I had several nasty miscues, which I seldom do.
It occurred to me that I had my shaft
worked on yesterday,
and David Whitsell trimmed the tip down a bit,
and then I noticed that he also rounded it to dime shape,
but I prefer to play with a nickel shaped tip.
So toward the end of the straight pool match,
I ground the tip down to nickel shape,
and that was the end of the miscues!

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