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Monday, January 02, 2006

Google Video - Huge Business Opportunity

As reported on this blog earlier,
Google is now in the video business.

They offer unlimited, free
storage, indexing, and downloading of video.

For all of Internet History,
the big drawback to the growth of video
is the cost of bandwidth used to deliver the stuff.
Now those handcuffs are off.

The business opportunity for the pool industry,
is to take Google up on their offer and to
store and distribute the enormous amount of
pool videos now in existence
and the ever growing rate of new pool video
with content from tournaments, exhibitions,
product demonstrations, interviews,
in one simple step.

Google will pay your operating expenses of
warehousing and distributing your product
and will even handle the transaction of
collecting pay per view, if needed.
All for free.

Google will also index your videos
with keywords you select
and your videos are featured
in relevant search results.
So they are doing the advertising for you too!

The marginal cost of distributing video product is zero.
Which means pure 100% profit on every additional sale after breakeven point.

Google is paying the storage and shipping costs
for everything video sold.
This creates an enormous opportunity,
especially right NOW.

Check www.Video.Google.com right now
search on "billiards",
and there is a virtual vacuum begging for content.
Of course, it will be growing at a rapid rate,
so get in on the ground floor now.

Good luck!

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