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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Milestone Matches

After the exhibition by Dr. Cue,
I met up with my instructor, Tony "El Maestro" Sorto,
to shoot some 9-ball at the local pool hall.

Tony is all business, and doesn't give me a chance to
get in any practice shots at all.
He racks immediately and announces: "Race to 7".
He always lets me break, for two reasons:
1. If he broke, he would run out almost always.
2. I need the practice with the break shot.

Getting the break is my only spot, even though
he is a much better player.
Duh, that's why he's my instructor!

Some days, the gods are in your corner,
the planets are aligned in your favor,
and the rolls go your way.
On such days, I might win a game or two,
and maybe even three from El Maestro.

But tonight was extraordinary!
Not only did I win the first race to 7,
I won another race to 7 immediately after it.
These wins were not even hill-hill,
but more along the lines of 7-5, 7-4.

Knowing that I shouldn't push my luck
and play a third match, I quit winners,
and proceeded to strut and howl and generally
celebrate the greatest day of my pool career, ever.

After I calmed down, I sat next to Tony,
who was very subdued all along.
He turned to me and said:
"I'm not going to teach you any more."
To which I replied smugly:
"There isn't any more you CAN teach me!"

I am sure that my words will come back to haunt me.
When Tony gets energized by that sort of smack-talk,
he is unbeatable.
I am sure I have lessons in humility coming my way.

But until then, my hat size has just expanded a bunch.
I may even need two hats!


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