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Friday, February 29, 2008

Optimum Practice #1

Dave, the newly hired Practice Assistant,
showed up right on time
and after very little time for small talk,
we got right into it.

I gave him a leather bound notebook & pen
to keep notes and record my results
and showed him how to set up
a few different drills:

1. The Sorto String - 10 rounds
2. Rail Drill - 10 rounds
3. Lag shots - 10 shots
4. Honduran pool - 10 rounds
5. Spot shots - 30 shots
6. Short banks - 50 shots
7. Long banks - 25 shots

I hit around 230 shots in about 150 minutes
for a rather efficient 1.5 shots per minute.
This is certainly WAY more shots than I
would have taken in the same amount of time
if I were playing in a match,
or even practicing alone, without help
(that is, if I even practiced at all).
The more shots I take,
the better I will get,
especially if they are focused shots,
and records are kept.

It has been so long since
I did any focused practice
that my pocketing percentage was awful
(didn't even bother with the calculation)
but I am absolutely sure that
I am on the right path with this approach.

As an example,
when I was shooting the short banks,
I started out poorly,
then realized that I was tentative,
and remembered the words of El Maestro:
"Shoot with confidence"
so started shooting as if I had confidence,
firing each shot very firmly,
and my pocketing percentage
increased dramatically.

Of course, since this was the first session,
there are lots of details to work out,
and many process improvements will evolve,
so there's nowhere to go but UP!

I am really looking forward to
seeing what I can do with this game...

Thank you, Dave!


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