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Monday, February 25, 2008

It is Finished

One single project has been on my list
for all of the last four years I have lived here.
And today, just this minute,
I put the finishing touches on it.
My work is done.

May I present: The Wall

My collection of pool trophies is
displayed at the far right of the line of bookcases,
closest to the chair where the pool opponent sits
and waits for his shot,
with plenty of time to let all those wins sink in...
(I know, it's evil, isn't it... Mwahahahahaha!)
(click for evil laugh)

To the left of the trophies
is the shelf of my favorite billiard books,
but there's lots more in the billiard library
on the shelves out of sight, under the pool table.

It's good to be finished with this key project.
Now I can more fully concentrate on my game.

How is it possible that this project
went undone for four years?
It was right after I moved in here
that I took up the game of pool,
and that pretty much put almost everything else
on hold for all this time.
Now, since I hurt my shoulder last summer,
I've had some time to take care of stuff.
And now that all (most) of my stuff is done,
I'm really looking forward to getting back
into the game.


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