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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pool Shooter's Treadmill - update

Today marks a major milestone in the
development of the treadmill project,
which continues to evolve as my secret weapon
(ooops, I guess it ain't so secret now)
for excellence in pool.

Check it out:

30" Dell widescreen TV/monitor
which is connected to the DishTV feed
so I can watch all the pool videos on TV
which are automatically recorded
so I can play back anytime later.
The monitor is also connected to the
Windows Media Center (under Vista)
so I can get any pool videos on the internet too.
And the PC (HP) has DVD, DVD-HD & BlueRay
so I can put up any of the
videos in my pool library.

The treadmill itself is a
Vision Fitness T9450HRT.

Overhead is a padded Everlast pull-up bar.
To the right side of the treadmill, on the floor,
are dumbbells of various weights,
and a scale that gives readouts on
bodyfat percentage, metabolic age, etc.

The shelves hold all sorts of remote controls
for lights, heat and fans.
Also, water, telephone and notebook
to record progress.

The frames on either side of the monitor
show the final standings on two of
my undefeated seasons (2005 and 2007)
to serve as additional motivation.
In the frame above the monitor is a
modified quote from Og Mandino's
Greatest Salesman in the World
which I have been an inspiration
for the last 25 years.

The monitor is on a movable arm
which swings out 90 degrees
so I can watch from bed.

I think I'm close to treadmill perfection.
Maybe the next step is to build
a shelf for all my pool trophies.


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