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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pocket Billiards with FastMikie and Friends

"Pool is like dancing chess."

These are the words of Bob Fancher, Ph.D.
a pool-shooting psychotherapist who wrote

The Pleasures of Small Motions
Mastering the Mental Game of Pocket Billiards

This classic should be read several times
as we grow in our skill and
appreciation of the game.

The brevity of his writing about an infinite subject
is an indication of his brilliance
and his skill with the language,
but it says nothing about his skill as a shooter.

So if you're reading this, Bob,
(or "Doctor" if you prefer, and I respect that)
I hereby invite you to
"paint on green canvas"
(Bob Watson)
here at FastMikie's Fun House
at a date and time of your pleasure
and to join in on a session of

"Pocket Billiards
FastMikie and Friends"

to be video recorded in HiDefinition
on location at the world famous
FastMikie's Fun House
Del Mar, CA
(north of San Diego, along the coast road)

FastMikie's Fun House
is a pool player's fantasies come true:

Immaculately maintained facility throughout,
Brunswick Gold Crown IV
Fresh, flawless Simonis 860 cloth
Fresh ball sets,
Aramith, Centennial, Euro
Extensive selection of cue balls

Open bar
Gourmet kitchen
Request your favorite food/drink in advance.

Extensive Billiards library

Cue collection (limited)

Hi-Speed Internet connection
Wireless network
Full control lighting

Totally Private Party
Del Mar, CA
Seaside residence
Huge ocean view

You and up to 3 guests
Me, El Maestro (if available) and guest.

Become part of Billiards History.

Free schwag: Very limited edition of
the exclusive Mikie's Fun House t-shirt.
(ask about corlors and sizes available)

Looking for Action?
Although FastMikie's Fun House is an
action-free zone,
there are pool halls in the area
where you will find whatever
game and stakes to suit your interest.

But wait, there's more!

Click here for more about Del Mar, CA
Del Mar race track
Del Mar Fairgrounds
Torrey Pines Golf Course (public)
The beaches, the mountains, the deserts, Mexico.
Sea World - Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo

Where to stay
Weather forecast
Check airlines in/out of San Diego.

-- 0 --

So, Doctor Bob, you on?

In any case,
you have written a most excellent book,
a real gift to the game.

Thank you.



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