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Friday, December 07, 2007

Short side shape going 3 rails w/ rev. eng.

Wednesday night's straight pool match:
there was this little run of only 12 balls,
but I spent most of it trying to
dislodge a 13-14 cluster
and nothing seemed to work
until I gave up trying to break it up,
and finally decided to
use sacrifice my ideal break ball, the 6, and
go 3 rails to get short side shape.

(Video link)

Opponent pockets the 4 but goes around the rack
without breaking a ball out,
then plays safe on the rack.

My only shot is the 10 to get out of jail.
Then use the 8 to break the rack some more.
And get more breakage with the 9, drawing into the 13,
but that's the start of my trouble...
I use the 15 in a botched attempt
to break the cluster, and only make it worse.

In the next shot, on the 3 ball,
I try to get short side shape on the 13-14 cluster,
but fall too high on the 13 and I get so frustrated
I poke the 5 ball with a one-handed air shot
instead of using the bridge.
Totally stupid, but it went in, only to leave me with
a low percentage combination 11 into the 7 in the side.
Then the 11 in the side to drop down on the 2
so I can break the cluster but I
gave it too much right hand english.

In my last attempt to get the cluster,
I abandon the idea of breaking them up and
decide to use my break ball, the 6,
to go three rails using inside (right) english,
and it works like a charm. Finally!!

What an absolutely pretty shot,
even if I do have to say so myself.
And fun, too!!

Now, sinking the trouble balls is easy,
but unfortunately, I get a little too straight on the 1 ball
so I have to really smack it in order to get shape
on the final ball, the 12, for the break shot,
and to continue my run.

As with all great runs, it ends badly.

What a pretty shot!
And I owe it all to El Maestro, Tony Sorto,
for showing me what the rails are for,
and for teaching me how to stroke
with high inside english.

It used to seem impossible,
but now it's as natural as breathing,



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