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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Painting on Green Canvas

Painting on Green Canvas
Bob Watson

With such a poetic title,
maybe I was expecting too much,
but this book left me wanting more...

First off, it is fiction,
and I like stuff that is real.
I want facts.
I want to learn.

But there are lots of people who shoot pool
who are completely different than me,
so if you're one of them,
you will probably really enjoy this story
of a college freshman who finds a pool mentor
in his first week at school.
He also finds a girl, gets in a tournament,
and... well, you can probably see it coming
even if I don't tell you the ending.

It's a fast, rather enjoyable read,
with some good pool bits.
I found myself underlining some of the
things he learns from his mentor.

Good gift item for the pool shooter who reads.

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Amazon.com readers give it 5 stars.

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