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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Book: Kid Delicious

Running the Table: The Legend of Kid
Delicious, the Last Great American Pool Hustler

The book is very well written,
but suffers from some errors of fact,
and less than perfect editing.
Just one example:

"...the hall had...a few seven-foot co-op seven-by-seven
barboxes, the seven-foot tables."

Say what? Shouldn't a pool player edit a book on pool?
(By the way, all those sevens are on page seven!)

Even with the excellent writing,
I just can not see what all the buzz is about.
If you want to learn how to improve your pool skills,
there is nothing in the book to help you.
It's just a bunch of mini-stories about how KD beat so-and-so
for how much money in some dive joint,
in some one-horse town,
doing drugs, crashing in cheap motels...
However, it might make a good Christmas present
for that overweight, drug addicted, depressed
pool hustler on your gift list.

Instead of buying the book,
Check out the interview at this link
with Sports Illustrated writer L. Jon Wertheim,
the author of the book mentioned above.

The piece looks at today's game -- why women draw more
interest than men, if the popularity of billiards is
decreasing and some funny stories from the road.
He says his book is currently being reworked as a screenplay and
should be in theaters sometime in the near future.

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