Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Precision Position Practice

Precision Position Practice Exercise

The balls numbered 1 - 9
are lined up on the foot string, 
from the center of the foot cushion
to the foot spot (on a 9' table). 

Run all 9 balls, in sequence,
into the corner pocket directly (no banks).
The cue ball must hit
the bottom cushion on every shot, 
and can not hit any other cushion or any other ball 
than the lowest numbered ball. 

Play the video to see how it's done.

Early in 2004,
my first year of lessons with my instructor,
he showed me this seemingly simple exercise,
and challenged me to do it.

He said he has shown this to many players,
but none of them had ever done it.
Actually, some had claimed to have done it,
but when it came to performing it
in front of him,
they just could never do it.

Naturally, being up for a good challenge,
I tried it, and tried it, and tried it...
It got so frustrating that I finally
put it aside for a while,
deciding I would come back to it later.

I tried it many times after that,
and it just seemed to be too much for me,
but I just couldn't figure out why.

Finally, on September 22, 2005,
more than a year after being shown this drill,
I did it!!
Luckily, I had the video recorder running.

I immediately called my instructor
to give him the news,
but he was unimpressed,
and told me he would believe it only when
he saw it with his own eyes.
He figured that a video could be faked.

That following Saturday,
on our regularly scheduled lesson,
I did it again, in person.
I've done it a few other times since,
but I don't practice it as much as I should.

It is an excellent drill,
and teaches speed control,
the nuances of subtle english,
and cue ball action off the cushion.

Let me know when you finally achieve it!


Anonymous said...

Nice job shooting that string! The rule to always hit the short rail but not other rails is the toughest requirement, I think.

Regarding the blog: would you mind left-justifying the text in your blog? This reduces eye travel and makes the text easier to read.

Good luck on achieving your pool goals!

- Gary

Anonymous said...

Awesome drill! I've tried the L a few times and know how severe it is. One of these days I'll complete it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on achieving your drill! I have tried it many times over 100 at least, but never still haven't succeeded yet. Got to the 8 a few times, but hit the long rail on the way back.

Also, I like your post on Samm Diep's website as well.