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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mission Accomplished #2007-g

Yesterday I decided to work on
one of my Pool Goals for 2007.
More specifically, the goal labeled "G",
which is the Straight/Rotation exercise
and getting a score of 130+.
My score today was 139.
That's an average of 13.9 points per rack,
and puts me in the "Semi-Pro" category.
(see chart below)
I just love it when I keep getting better!

Here's the rules:

1. Break full rack of 15 balls. Run in any sequence for first ten balls, then rotation for last five.
2. One point per ball for each of the first ten, then 2 points per ball for each of the last five, maximum of twenty points per game.
3. Any miss or scratch ends game, except on break. If you scratch on the break, then spot the cue ball at the head or foot spot.
4. After break, push ok to head or foot spot, or within 1 rackspace.
5. If push, then deduct 1 point only if score is 20.
6. Balls pocketed on break count if no scratch, otherwise dead.
7. Total your score for ten games, then divide by 10 for average.

How do you rate? See below:

Rack Avg.
Tour Pro 19 - 20
Professional 17 - 18
Semi Pro 13 - 16
Devel. Pro 10 - 12
Advanced 7 - 9
Intermediate 4 - 6
Recreational 0 - 3

Easy, right?
Not really!
Try it.

Click here for scoresheet & rules.
(Excel spreadsheet format)
Let me know how you do with it!

I suppose my next goal in this exercise
should be to achieve 150,
or maybe to average over 130 for 100 racks.

Do you know of any other good exercises?

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Blogger Michael McCafferty said...

A reader asked what is meant by "push"...

Let's say after you break, the cue ball winds up in some goofy spot where you have no shot,
or a really difficult shot... then it's ok, this one time only after the break, to "push" the cue ball
to a better place, but that better place can only be the head spot, the foot spot, or within one
rack space from where it came to rest.

In reality is is not, in the strict sense, a "push" which would be done with the cue stick. In this case you would simply pick up the ball and place it on the head or foot spot or within a rackspace of where it landed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 3:47:00 PM  

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