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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Surprise match-up

I'm at the pool hall a few minutes early
when El Maestro walks in.

He says he wants me to shoot some "A" player.
(Chuck J.)
I say sure, anybody, anytime, any game.
It's not about Who.
It's about the balls and the table.

He points to some guy
sitting in the big chairs by the window,
but to me the view was all blurred.
I really didn't want to see the guy,
because it really didn't matter who it was.
All players are the same.
Their sole function is to rearrange the table
if I let them.

The essence of the game
is contained within the green area.
And the gray area (the brain).

For the record, I won 7-4
but more importantly I feel that
the win was a fine gift to my instructor
who watched the whole set with great pleasure.
Some of my shots were
truly beautiful.

It was one of those events
where it could be said that
the planets were aligned favorably.

it was the first day of the New Moon,
a time when my creativity and sensitivity
are heightened.

The day after a long day at the table
is a day to relax.
I started with at least an hour of
stretching and breathing (yoga).
Especially good for the lower back.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You beat Chuck, the elder plumber Chuck? Very Nice!!!
He shoots fast, dosen't he, Mike?

I hope to become a B player soon but my back is stil out for the count.

I wish I saw the match.
Hope to meet you soon.


Sunday, January 21, 2007 9:32:00 PM  

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