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Friday, January 05, 2007

Save the world, or shoot pool?

That's a tough decision...
I really enjoy pool,
but saving the world needs help.

I'd hate to have the world come unglued,
and I'm standing around poking a ball with a stick.
Especially if I can do something about it.

So I took a few days off to deal with
some pressing social issues
such as global hunger and poverty.

Check out

It gives all of us a way to
contribute to the solution
with the least amount of energy
(2 clicks!)
so we can all go back to shooting more pool
and still sleep good at night
knowing we did a good thing for our world.

So much for hunger and poverty.
I'm working on war and disease next,
but I'm thinking that these things might
be a bit more time consuming,
so I gotta get right back to it
before my stroke gets all wobbly.

The primary website that describes the approach is


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