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Friday, January 19, 2007

In search of the perfect cue shaft...

For the first time in 3+ years,
I am happy enough with the shaft I'm using
to reorder an identical shaft.

What could possibly earn my approval?
The Predator 314 series 2,
with a Quick-Lock joint
and a Moori medium tip,
extra long (30").

All shafts before this have been Predator,
and in normal length (29")
but I have experimented with
the Z-shaft
and custom 314 shafts cut down
to 12.25mm.

I think the extra inch in length helps
on reaching some shots,
and also the overall balance of my cue.

I evolved from a Moori soft to medium
because the soft needed constant attention.

Seybert's gets my business,
because they are easy to work with,
they stand behind their work,
I can order online,
and get it fast.

I ordered another shaft today
because the tip on my current playing shaft
is getting kind of low,
and flatter than I like,
so I did some shaping
to get it to nickel radius,
and roughed it up to hold chalk,
and now it is playing sweet again,
but that's about the last time I can do it.

This was the opportunity to get a backup shaft.
Then I'll send in the one I use now,
for a fresh tip.

A fresh tip shoots sweet.

Watch out, Efren...


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