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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pocket Billiards in Russia

Scott R. is a good friend of mine,
the guy who owns the cabin in the Rockies (see below),
and he also owns a software company in Russia.
After his latest trip there, he sent me this note
about his pool playing experience:

Played "Russian Pool" in Moscow this last trip
and almost won our in house tournament.
The table is two feet longer and two feet wider than my table.
The balls are the size of tennis balls....bigger, and all white.
The holes are smaller and not flared:
there is only half an inch clearance
on each side of the ball to fit in the pocket.
And the biggest difference is there is no cue ball.
You can hit any ball with any other ball!
Wow....that really blew my strategic gaming thinking
into a different paradigm!
I ended up in third place
and all were impressed with my ability at the new game.

It sounds like Yankee Imperialist pool
is better than Commie pool...

I'll post a photo of Russian pool
as soon as he gets back from his next trip.

Here's a link I found with the Russian Rules:


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