Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Girl Pool

When I was hanging out in Denver
I had the great pleasure to meet and shoot pool
with Sammantha Diep, the owner of
which sells some interesting and useful pool products.
(Check it out!)
And check out her pool blog!

Samm is an excellent player, and the first thing I noticed
is that her pre-shot routine is flawless.
She approaches every shot with the same high intensity
and total focus. Every move is choreographed.
It was very intimidating for me,
because my style is more toward the "fast and loose"
end of the spectrum.
Ok, maybe slow and loose would be more truthful...

We played at a pool hall in Boulder.
The tables were pure garbage.
The cloth was stained and ripped and loose.
What a mess!
But they can't all be as classy as Mikie's Fun House,
and you have to take your pool as it comes...

Samm had some tough rolls,
and I had some good ones.
If it weren't for that,
I would have been in serious trouble,
and had to report that I lost to a pretty girl.
That's the problem with shooting pool with girls:
You might lose!


But Samm is no ordinary pretty pool shooter.
She's also a sharp businesswoman, and an author.
Check out her new book:
"You Might Be A D Player If..."
which will keep you laughing (sometimes at yourself!).
Click on the link, and buy a bunch for gifts,
and save money on the pre-publication price!

And tell Samm that "Fast Mikie" sent you.

1 comment:

Samm said...

Oh Mikie,

You are far too humble. Thanks for the very kind words. Can't wait to check out the fun house.

Glad to see you're feeling better.

Your pal,