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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pool at Ten Thousand Feet - Part Two

While the thin air seems to have no noticeable effect
on the physics of pool (the interaction of the balls),
there is a definite effect on the shooter.
Sleep is interrupted with frequent waking,
due to shortness of breath,
endurance is significantly reduced,
the effects of alcohol come more quickly,
the dry air causes minor nosebleeds and headaches,
and more water intake is needed
to keep vision, thinking and reflexes sharp.

In all, these conditions are not conducive to good pool.
I wouldn't want to play a tournament at this elevation,
but it would be interesting to see everyone else deal with it!

The photo above shows the log cabin's pool table.
There is no TV, so there's plenty of time to read
a few pool books I brought along:


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