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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fresh Meat, and a New Game

T.B. visited the Fun House last night for some lessons in humility. Our hero, Fast Mikie, took 6 out of 6 games of 9-ball while watching "Stickmen" on the wide plasma screen. Before we started the games, TB suggested that we just play, not really to be counted for anything, no bragging rights involved. Of course I agreed, lying through my teeth, as I knew he was giving me the same lie!. I knew he wasn't being serious, because the concept of "just for fun" would have evaporated if he won, and left him blameless if he lost. And, of course the same applied from my perspective. That left us both to compete like dogs while remaining civilized. My dog ate his dog. (And, we had fun!)

As I was running out on the 6th game of the shutout, El Maestro arrived and changed the game to some 3 handed pill pool. It was a very fast paced and interesting game whereby the shooter must hit the physically closest ball first, while trying to pocket the ball equivalent to the pill he has drawn, or while pocketing any ball to continue his run. Every shot must first involve the closest ball. It's a good thing to get my mind thinking new thoughts, new strategies... It also gets you focused on some very precise position play.


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