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Monday, June 06, 2005

9 Ball City Championships

On Saturday my team (Synergy) competed in the APA 9-ball Team City Championships. I took my first match easily at 55-28, and put on a decent show.

The second match was with Ernie, a skill level 8 (out of possible 9) in 9 ball. I'm a skill level 7 in 9 ball. He's supposed to be better, so I knew I was in for a battle.

He raced to an early lead, probably more than 20 balls ahead, but I slugged away and brought the endgame to where I needed 6 balls, he needed 4, and I was in control of the table. I pocketed 5 of my 6, but in getting position on the final ball, the cue ball ever-so-slightly brushed another ball and put me off line and thoroughly snookered so that the only thing I could do was kick for a safety, or kick for the shot, or both. I went for it, and missed. He ran out. I lost by one ball. I guess it could have gone either way.

It was not pretty at all. He was not shooting exceptionally well, and I felt that I was awful. I missed several shots, by the slimest of margins, but "a miss is as good as a mile", as they say.

Throughout the match, I was feeling that I was far behind, and had no idea that I was so close toward the end, until team captain Russ told me as I was taking my final turn at the table.

I noticed a couple of times my body position would slouch and I would have to conciously straighten and think strong thoughts. I felt as though I was fighting uphill the entire time and never really hit my stride.

I'll have to work on a visualization that I am already In Stroke, rather than a state that I am trying to achieve.

Back to the practice table...


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