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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sorry, Mitch

I just couldn't take any more of it,
so I hit the Mute button and
it is SO much better
watching WPBA pool on TV
without the non-stop commentary.

Sorry, Mitch Lawrence,
you were informative for a while,
but I think I know the rules of the game now.

You were even entertaining, too.
But I'm not into watching pool
for the entertainment.

I just want to condition my mind with
stance, stroke, strategy, behavior, etc.
And I don't need the chatter for that.

Nothing personal, mind you.
I've always preferred to think MY thoughts
rather than other people's thoughts.

That's why I prefer to listen to
instrumental music,
or songs in a foreign language that
I don't understand.
It leaves my mind free to do its own thing.

Give it a try.

And, by the way,
the only thing that makes
pool on TV even slightly bearable in the first place
is TiVo, or a DVR
so you can skip the commercials
instantly, with the touch of a button.

This single innovation has got to
rank right up there with penicillin and anesthesia
as one of the greatest discoveries of the modern age.


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