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Friday, April 04, 2008

Fugly Footwear Fantasy

In search of anything to help my game,
I have found what could be the difference
in those grueling 14-hour days
in the early rounds of tournaments.

When the body gets tired,
the mind starts to weaken as well.
Focus and concentration become
more challenging to maintain.

I have found that my physical challenges
are with my lower back, and my feet,
and I think that some of my back problems
could be solved by improved footwear.

I believe I have found a solution
with a new pair of shoes by Mephisto
coupled with socks by SmartWool.

Be warned: The shoes are butt-ugly & expensive,
but very comfortable.

Here's my fantasy:
Sooner or later
my opponent will happen to look down
if only to verify that I have one foot on the floor,
and they will notice the extraordinary ugliness of my shoes,
and they will think:

"They are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen!
No man would put such heinous things on his feet,
unless they were extremely comfortable.
Nay, I say to you, not even Bozo the Clown
would wear these things on his feet,
unless they were sublimely comfortable."

They would then be reminded of just how awful
their own feet are feeling in the tournament,
and they would feel at a great disadvantage,
and mentally give up.

FastMikie wins again!


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