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Friday, December 07, 2007

Run out of tape

Another clip from Wednesday night straight pool match:

(Video link)

Opponent plays safe, but leaves the 8 barely exposed
for a shot into the side pocket,
which is an extremely small opening at this angle,
but I love these shots.
They require a confident follow through,
and good pre-shot, including breathing
slowly out before stroking.
It's a great looking shot.

After the 8, I could have taken the 12 for the easy shot,
but that would have put me down-table from the rack
and no way to break the pack, so the 5 is the better shot.
But I hit it way to hard to get shape on the 12 for the break,
and got lucky by bumping the 12 instead.

If I hit the 12 directly into the right side pocket,
it would have given me a low quality break,
so I opted for the cross-side bank which
gives the cue ball a better angle into the pack.

The 1 ball break into the bottom of the pack
turned out lucky with the 6 ball exposed for my only shot.
I was unhappy with the shot because I wanted
to glance off the rack not get welded to it.

The rack has a nice almost-dead cluster
giving the 10 ball into the bottom left corner,
so I work around getting a clear shot on it.

The tape ends as I'm down on the 9 ball,
but I remember sinking it,
and the next two for a run of 14.

Some things I'm learning from these videos:
1. I should get a higher camera angle.
2. Use a more solid bridge, heel of hand to table.
3. High Definition video is the way to go. Soon.



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