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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Tonight our Masters (Triple Play) team
played for all the marbles.

We needed 16 points for the team
to stay in first place
and have enough points so that
no other team can beat us for the session.
This was our last match.
We had to do it.
So we did.

And, last night I played for all the marbles.
I needed to win to stay undefeated.
I needed to win to stay in first place.
I needed to win in order for the team to win.

It wasn't easy.
Tony matched me up against one of
the toughest players in the division.
David Flaker is a skill level 7, the highest.
I'm a lowly 6, so I knew it was going
to be an uphill battle.

But somehow I got a good start.
On my first 9 ball break, 4 balls dropped!

I had a good lead, but Flaker fought back
and we were tied up at 6-6 for the final game.
It could have gone either way, but I won.

The perfect ending to a perfect session.
Ten matches played, ten matches won.
And 3 of those matches were against
players with the highest skill level.

Who'da thunk it?

I'm going to get some sleep.
We'll talk more about this tomorrow...

Meanwhile, check the stats!


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