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Sunday, June 12, 2005

City Championships, 8 ball team

I have just endured the APA 8 ball "city championships", but isn't it a minsomer to call it a championship if there is no single champion selected? To me, that seems somewhat like sex without orgasm. It might feel good, but what's the point? There needs to be some ultimate conclusion. Instead, FIVE teams are selected as city champions, and off they go to Las Vegas to compete in the national championships, in August.

Las Vegas, in August.

That's what they do to the WINNERS!!!

Maybe you are detecting a certain lack of enthusiasm on my part. Can you feel my ambivalence? Sure, I want to win, but if I win, then I have to go to Las Vegas, which I loathe with a passion of almost biblical proportions. I played in the 9 ball national team championships in Las Vegas last year, and it was then and there that I publicly declared that I would never do that again. Life is too short to spend any moment of it in Las Vegas.

I played an interesting match on Saturday, against a similar skill level player. We went to the hill. He won. I didn't play in our match on Sunday, and the team lost.

I'm so happy I don't have to go to Las Vegas, but I'm real bummed that our team didn't win. But if we did win, then I would have been bummed that I had to go to Las Vegas.

Talk about being on the horns of a dilemma... And it's all based on the TEAM concept. It is only the team that would force me to Las Vegas, so if I go solo, then my problem is solved. This is one more reason why I have opted out of team competition with the APA.

The APA does have one event that interests me because it is for individuals, not teams, and you don't even have to be a member of the APA in order to compete. Full-on open competition, no handicapping, no prize
money, just bragging rights, a nice baseball jacket, and a butt-ugly trophy. But it's not in Las Vegas! I have my eye on the APA's US Amateur Championships. There is a worthy target for my enthusiasm!


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