Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The best bridge?

A Facebook friend from a land far away asked my thoughts on Larry Keller's Pro Justa-Bridge, so I figured I'd share it here:

About a year ago, I bought one of these Pro Justa-Bridges and like it a lot. However, some guest players who have never used one would get freaked-out with it and ask if I had a "normal" bridge that they are used to.

One disadvantage is that they are not flat, and it is difficult to fit it in a typically crowded cue case, but that's not that big a deal as you'll be carrying other stuff that won't fit in a cue case.

The final analysis: Excellent product, well built and well designed.

I got mine at (click here for price/info/buy)


J E F R E N said...

Hi Mike... very nice.
i simply use a moose bridge.

I heard the the j.w. hager bridge was very cool too...

Unknown said...

The Pro Justa-Bridge now comes in two sizes. The original and the new large size for larger cue tip such as my 13mm brake cue. Also in What's in the Case Feature by Cherry Bomb with Ralf Souquet, he has the Pro Justa-Bridge in his case. And this year the Pro Justa-Bridge was the official bridge at Valley Forge Expo 2009. It has also been the official bridge at past US Opens.

Samm said...

This is a wonderful bridge!

cnansen said...

I bought one several years ago, and just by using it in tournaments have "sold" many more for them. Not that I made anything on them, but people who saw it in action went out and bought one.

Unknown said...

yes it is a very nice bridge.
BUT ~ Anyone know where you can buy the replacement felt for this bridge that Larry Keller says is available on his video?
I have e mailed him over the last month with no results and looked all over the web.
thank you

Unknown said...

I believe I saw the felt refill at Muller's booth at SBE call them at 800-627-8888 Tell them Ricky Bryan with Inside English and Professor Cue Ball sent you.

Ricky Bryant said...

I think I saw the felt refill for the Justa-Bridge at the Muller's Billiard Supply booth at Super Billiards Expo. You can call them at 888-627-8888 and tell them Ricky Bryant with Inside English & Professor Cue Ball Magazines told you to call.