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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another one bites the dust - Family Billiards, Oceanside

After 18 years in business, Family Billiards Center in Oceanside has sold all the stuff and closed the doors for good, just this past Wednesday.

This was where I first won money in a pool tournament. I got 30 bucks for third place, the first time I entered the tournament. I was a "C" player then, in May 2004. Good times! Click here for the story.

And, I also won that tournament, in February 2006, as an "A" player, a few weeks after David Nakano told me I was no "A" player. Click here for the story.

I'm sure they held on as long as possible, but increased rent finally did the place in.

Good luck, Buddy (the owner). Thanks for the memories!



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