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Monday, March 17, 2008

Morning After: The Blog of Shame

Last evening's alcohol-fueled euphoria
gave way this morning to
waking up in a fog
and the realization that
yesterday's winning margin was only one game.

And of course, a one game win is irrelevant.
It could have gone either way,
especially in nine-ball
the most luck-affected game of pool.

when I consider that the match was against
El Maestro himself,
I realize that it was all an illusion.
If he was really into the game,
he could easily have walked away 5-0 winner,
as he does so many times
to so many other players.

And then, I remember the sharking I did.
Completely inexcusable, of course.
Like the time I threw a block of chalk
into the corner pocket he was lining up
with the nine ball.

So, ignore yesterday's blog entry.
It really did happen that way,
but it was all an illusion,
and doesn't count for anything.

Another lesson re-leaned is
the importance of Balance,
especially when it comes to Guinness.
Moderation in all things, Musashi says.
The way my brain feels today
it may be days before
my practice sessions return to Optimal.

I must get more of it.
It is rarely, if ever,
found in a pint of Guinness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're allowed to fall off the wagon once a year. You're excused. ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2008 9:48:00 AM  

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