Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Taking it to the next level...

As the current session of APA team 8 ball is ending
(only two more matches, then playoffs, if we qualify)
it's timely to consider what comes next.

It seems true that
the way to get better is to compete with better players.
However, continuing to play in the APA,
the odds are 22 to 1 against
competing with someone with a skill level even equal to mine.
There are no skill levels higher.

Therefore, continuing to play APA
is very inefficient
in the pursuit of my goals.

And, the inefficiency is made worse due to
the limited time remaining to achieve my goals.
People my age face steadily declining faculties.
It's an uphill battle to stay even.

So I need to choose wisely.
I need to find a way
to compete with high level players,
but to do it My Way,
which means not turning pro,
not traveling,
not hanging out in bars and pool halls.

I want to find a way to attract
the best players to Mikie's Fun House.

This will be one of my new projects.
I'll call it Operation Magnet.

There are now 3 new pool projects:

1. The book. A freebie.
("Winning Billiards: The Teachings of El Maestro")

2. The DVD.
(El Maestro demonstrates how to do it)

3. Operation Magnet.

Stay tuned.
Even I don't know where all this is leading...

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