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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just When I Think I Can't Hit A Ball...

After last night's buffoonery
of scratching on the 8-ball,
I matched up with Mike Rogers this afternoon,
and get my butt handed to me in 9-ball,
even though I always win against him.
I guess it was that huge bowl of soup I had
right before the match.
I was sluggish, sleepy, and shooting
(He might actually be shooting a bit better!)

So by late afternoon,
I'm thinking I'm no longer The Invincible King,
just some peasant ball-banger.
This is not a good self-image!

But as they say,
it's not how many times you get knocked down,
as long as you keep getting back up,
so I dragged my sorry self to Pacific Q Billiards
for the Wednesday night tournament,
and, hey, whaddayaknow... I came in second.

The monster payoff of $29
goes to charity, of course,
as do all pool winnings.
(It didn't seem enough, so I doubled it.)

I hadn't shot pool at Pacific Q Billiards before,
but the tables were good and the place was clean,
and I arranged a few matchups for later.

The highlight of my tournament was winning 3-0
against Mark, who is an excellent shooter,
in the match for the hot seat,
after losing to him 1-3 in an earlier match.

Here's how it went:
3-0 vs. Evan, he gets the 8
1-3 vs. Mark, even
3-0 vs. Amber, she gets the 7 out
3-1 vs. James, he gets the 8
3-0 vs. Mark, even
1-3 vs. Matt, he gets the 8

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