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Monday, August 13, 2007

The System for Excellence in Pool


Over the past several years
I have been developing and using a SYSTEM
to achieve excellence in pool.

This System has given me a great advantage
over other players.

The System for Excellence in Pool
is not for the casual player.
It is designed for those who have
a Passion to excel in competition.

For insight into the basic nature of the
System for Excellence in Pool,
please visit http://www.ThinkPlanDoRepeat.com
and download the Quick-Start guide.
This will give you the Big Picture view
of the structure and power of The System.

I have used the elements in The System
to achieve success in many diverse adventures,
including starting several successful businesses
in computer services, software development, and banking,
as well as non-business endeavors such as aviation, yoga, etc.

Starting today,
this blog will focus more attention on
The System for Excellence in Pool
and how it can be used with great success.

To begin, the definition of a System
can get complicated if you talk in scientific terms.
See Wikipedia for System definition and more.
But don't let all that put you off.
A "system" is just a set of steps
which will produce a desired result.
Think of chocolate chip cookies.
The list of ingredients, along with
the instructions for mixing and baking
are a simple System.

The System which I have developed
is especially powerful because
it is Self-Optimizing
which means that it gets better the more you use it.

The System is utterly simple, and easy to use,
while at the same time being highly effective.
However, most people will not use it,
for a variety of reasons,
most of which are related to laziness.
As with most of Life,
there are many Dreamers, but few who take Action.
In fact, less than 2% of the people who
learn of it will take it any further.
It is probable that less than 1 in 100
will use this System,
but those who do will enjoy extraordinary success.

My job as a writer is simply to document The System
so that it will be here when it is needed.
("When the student is ready, the teacher appears")

Stay tuned for more...

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