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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Practice Performs Miracles!

"Practice makes perfect" may be an overstatement,
but practice sure does make Better.
This morning I'm practicing behind the back shots.
Shooting rotation pool where every shot is
with the cue behind my back.
Good physical exercise, that's for sure.
And some of the body positions that are required
are more extreme than many of my yoga "asanas".

Why I chose to practice behind the back shots
was probably influenced by El Maestro's suggestion
during yesterday's practice
that I should practice left handed shots.

El Maestro made the point that
it would be good for me to review the Basics
and that shooting left handed would force me
to look at, and practice, each Element of Shot Making.

I replied that teaching me to shoot
left handed is a low payoff exercise...
My left hand is so completely uncoordinated
that it is laughable.
It would take an eternity of repetition to
build coordination into muscle memory.
My objection was really fear of the unknown,
fear of looking stupid,
fear of being weak.
I used my Intellect to invent a reason,
but it was driven by Emotion.
If I were to take my emotions out of it,
I would have practiced left handed.

I wanted to spend my time on Lessons that
would pay off in the short term. (Greedy)

I couldn't see that time practicing the
the Elements of Shotmaking
is always a good investment
as it enhances every shot.

So yesterday I was the Rebel,
and today I am the Student again.
I must have given El Maestro's words some good thought
while sleeping in my hammock last night.

Later in the morning, I did experiments
with reverse english with heavy follow
on long straight shots in the corner pocket,
bringing the cue ball four cushions to
the opposite end of the table.

Practice performs miracles!


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