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Sunday, July 24, 2005

12 Hour Practice Session - 9 ball breaks and some Straight Pool

Tony shows up early (around noon)
for my regular Saturday lesson,
and we focus on 9 ball breaks.
My breaks are all over the place.
Very inconsistent, weak, ineffective.
Truly an embarrassment.
So I am getting serious about it now.

This was the first time
I videotaped myself,
and it was very informative.
No real follow through!

I did get lucky on one break
and make 5 balls!
That was fun.
The odds of a runout increase substantially!

After a LOT of break shots,
where Tony would re-rack and give me
a running commentary on
how sucky each break was and why,
we took a break with some straight pool.
What a relief!
How much more enjoyable than 9 ball...

But I MUST practice 9 ball and 8 ball.
I am on a mission.


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