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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Madness

My first visit to The Stagecoach
for their Tuesday night 8-ball tournament
and things could not have been more weird.

The format is just one game per set,
not the usual race to three,
so I need to bear down from Jump Street!

My first opponent scratched on the 8
to give me the win.

Next match I scratched on the 8
to put me on the one-loss side.

In the final set,
my scratch on the 8 sent me home.

I have played here many times in APA,
and the tables were always in good shape,
but tonight they had all kinds of funny rolls,
not just for me,
everyone seemed to get funkified.

Maybe the heavy cue ball added to my difficulty.

I think it was the Full Moon,
and it was the day after the full lunar eclipse.
Good thing that only happens every 4-7 years!

Good tournament, well run.
El Maestro won it, as usual.
I'll be back.

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