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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Second Place, giving up the breaks

Yesterday's visit to the physiotherapist left me in more pain than I started out with, so I was thinking I might just pass on today's 8-ball tournament in Encinitas. This morning I was feeling even worse, but I figured, what the heck, maybe I'll just show up and watch the action.

Yeah, right... I'm such a pool whore, I can't get near a pool table and not hit some balls. Once I got to the tournament, there was no way I was just going to watch. But my right shoulder hurt so bad I decided I would give up the break, and just play nice and easy.

That decision turned out OK, as I went undefeated in all 6 of my matches to get into the finals with Eric the Brit, a formidable competitor. Although I made it past Eric in one of those 6 previous matches, I lost the first game of the final race to two, and in the next (and last) game I was leaning over the table for a long shot when I was called with a foul when my shirt touched a ball, so I gave up ball in hand and you just don't give Eric ball in hand and survive. Congrats, Eric, you played great.

That left me with second place, giving up the breaks. And I hadn't touched a cue in the last 7 days. Not too shabby. But I sure wish my shoulders would get better. Patience, grasshopper...

The shirt foul was all my fault. It was a bone-head move to play with a loose fitting shirt. Live and learn.


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