Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cutest Cueists: Jamilra

Jamilra and Jeanette

Maybe it's just me, but the photo above gets me thinking that I'd like to see more of this in pool:  a top ranked player like Jeanette Lee (on the right) teaching a young newbie.  

Jamilra is her name.  She's supposed to be a "top Uzbekistan fashion model" according to the Dragon Promotions press release from the Second Annual Showdown in Seoul Korea. However, when I Googled "Jamilra", I could find almost nothing. except for these yummy images.

I want to thank Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions for showing us the way, and for Jeanette Lee for her leadership and good example.  It makes me want to find a young, impressionable newbie just like Jamilra and teach her everything I know, and even some things about pool.  I'm thinking I might start looking in Uzbekistan...

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Anonymous said...

That's just cheap.

Michael McCafferty said...

Cheap? Really? I don't get it. Maybe you would like to come out from behind your cloak of anonymity and explain more fully? It's very difficult to take seriously anything done by "Anonymous". What have you got to hide? Email me directly...