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Monday, October 27, 2008

Student Actually Learns Something!

Every once in a while a student will actually pay attention, and then, against all odds, actually DO something with what they learn.  Case in point, this email I received over the weekend:

Hey Michael,  I  just want to say thank you for the lessons, I  used your help last week and this week. I  put in practice a couple of shots: the break, the rail shots, the english you taught me, shooting a ball on the rail to the corner pocket and come back 3 rails for the 9 or the 8 which I  did twice.  Every time I  chalk, walk around the table, did a couple very good safeties, and something that I  remember you told me to do, step back if the opponent starts talking to me or get close to me when I'm shooting.  That happened 4 times - I  told my captain and didn't try to talk to the opponent which really makes them mad, which is very good for me.  Once again thank you very much.  Hope I can shoot some pool with you so I  can learn something new.   (CD)

Teachers live for student feedback like this!   When is the last time you actually thanked one of your teachers?   Do it now!  (assuming you actually learned something from them)


Blogger bill.com said...

I am applauding loudly for your student. I too would like to play with you to learn what you may wish to pass on.

Friday, October 31, 2008 3:07:00 AM  

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