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Friday, August 08, 2008

Undefeated Again: It feels so natural...

Yesterday was another 8-ball tournament at the senior center and I went undefeated again. What made this win interesting is that I chose to give up the break in every game because my right shoulder was giving me so much pain. So even with this spot, I still found a way to win. Another highlight included my first-ever "butt foul" called by the tournament director when I inadvertently sat on a 14 ball while going for another shot. I gave up ball-in-hand another time when I spazzed a shot, barely grazing the cue ball while doing a few warm-up strokes. I called the foul on myself. My opponent said he didn't see it. I told him that's ok, I saw it, and handed him the ball.

Other than the fouls, I played pretty good, and made some very nice shots. It was quite enjoyable.

After the tournament, as I was basking in the glow of another win, I got the feeling that this "undefeated" thing is a natural state of being for me (for all of us, really). By that I mean that being undefeated is the natural result of playing well, which is the natural result of confidence and clear thinking which are the natural results of extensive practice and study, which are the natural results of our Commitment. Anywhere along this natural chain of cause and effect relationships, we can spoil it all by inserting our human frailties such as fear, doubt, inattention, etc.

It reminds me that "the pursuit of happiness" is a very unfortunate phrase which puts happiness outside of ourselves, as something to be pursued, making us all unhappy by definition. I much prefer to believe that all of us are already happy, or established in happiness itself. It is ours to lose, not to pursue. For more on this concept, click here.


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