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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Performances in Billiards History

A "performance" as I think of it, is a display of billiards skill whereby the cueist runs through the balls without missing. It may be one or more racks, or arrangements of the balls, done in competition, exhibition, or practice. Proof of the performance is available, either with documented witness statements, and/or video.

A "Great Performance" is one which results in a world record, or a personal best.

Performances are classified as follows:

Great Performances in Billiards History

1. Clustered Setup (requiring break (7-8-9-ball, 14.1)

A. Exhibition Category:

  • Mosconi, 526 ball run, straight pool, 1954, witnesses, story.
B. Competition Category:
  • Johnny Archer, 13 rack run, 9 ball, story.
  • Earl Strickland, 11 rack run, 9 ball, for $1,000,000, story.
  • Cliff Joyner, 7 rack run, 8 ball, IPT, +$5k, source: InsidePool Mag, 4/2006
  • Mike Sigel, 150 ball and out run, straight pool, video
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan, snooker, perfect 147 break, 5 minutes, video
  • Neils Feijen, 259 ball run, straight pool, video
C. Practice Category:
  • John Schmidt, 245 ball run, straight pool, in a garage, talking w/ girlfriend, video
  • Charly Gaede, 153 ball run, straight pool, video
  • FastMikie, 27 ball run, straight pool, video

2. Dispersed Setup

A. Honduran pool
, rotation, 14 balls frozen to rails, at diamonds, 1 on the spot
  • Tony Sorto does it perfectly, first/only time ever recorded on video.
  • FastMikie, run through the 9, barking dog, video.

B. Playing Ability Test (PAT)
, level 2, drill 10, 9-ball situation.
  • FastMikie, run 2 in a row, video.

C. Sorto String
  • FastMikie, run through the 9, video.

D. Wagon Wheel - 12 shot minimum
  • FastMikie, 20 shots, video

E. Center String - PAT 3-5a, Angle Shot, Drill 1
  • FastMikie, with interrupting phone call, video.

There are many additional possible classifications.
For example, 7-ball and 8-ball setups need to be added.
Also, there are many challenging drills that could be added to the Dispersed Setup category.

Want to contribute a "Great Performance" to be listed here?

Please send a link to the story and/or video.


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