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Friday, June 06, 2008

PAT-1, try 2

Last night was my second try with the PAT-1 test. I thought I was doing ok until I got to about the middle of the test, and then it felt like things started to fall apart and I got to thinking that I was really doing worse than than I did in the previous attempt.

I began the practice routine late, and I felt that I was rushing to finish the test on time. Rushing increases missed shots and/or missed position. This leads me to realize that I need to find some way to relax, take my time on each and every shot, as though that shot is the most important shot I'll ever make.

As it turned out, my score last night was a slight improvement: 1,265 (vs. 1,221) out of a possible 1549. I'm going to give it another go tonight, and focus on each shot.


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