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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bustamante's stroke

There are wonderful secrets hidden in Bustamante's stroke. I could watch it all day. That's one of the main reasons why I attended the Predator Pro pool school May 21-22, in Jacksonville, Florida. And it's also the reason I took this little video clip.

Bustamante was one of the 4 teachers (along with Efren Reyes, Thorsten Hohmann, and Tony Robles).

It's difficult to relate just how excellent it was to be there, working with these gods of pool, learning from them, getting their advice, not just on The game, but on My game.

Of course, the video clip is just 8 seconds, but I was there for two days, soaking it all up. Priceless!

Replay this video many times, and you will start to see the some very interesting things. Notice that on his final back swing, the cue tip is completely removed from his bridge hand. Notice the almost impossible flexibility and looseness of his wrist. And the complete follow through, ending with his stroking arm at this chest. Also note the dropped elbow, something pro instructors strongly advise against. Bustamante rewrites the rules!


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