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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nero Fiddled, Mikie Played (pool)

I did not sleep easy.
There was an outside chance I could be wrong
about ignoring the mandatory immediate evacuation order.

Hanging on my decision:
not just my life,
but the life of my 90-year old adopted-mom neighbor.

By noon, the police and fire officials announced
that Del Mar residents could return to their home.
So, I cheated Death again.

There's not much you can do about massive wildfires.
Officials recommend you stay indoors,
and use as little electricity as possible.
That easy for a hermit pool-shooter.

I performed more experiments
with my new Apple MacBook Pro
using iMovie to capture and edit pool videos.
Experiments include tripod locations,
lighting, sound, POV height, angle, etc
as well as editing decisions on format, file size,
white balance, etc.
Lots to learn.

Several new video clips will be YouTube'd soon.
Stay tuned.

That is, assuming the fires die and I don't.

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