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Friday, July 20, 2007

Just out of curiosity...

So there I was, with nothing better to do, and I got curious about other players in the league who might be shooting some good pool, so I checked out the San Diego APA website pool stats calculator, reviewing all the other 8-ball players (about 1600) and especially the highest skill level players (about 84 "Sevens"). And look what my wondering eyes did perceive:

All of this, of course, is subject to the standard disclaimers, as well as the following caveat: My total of MVP points, which puts me at the top of the list, is updated as of last night's win. The figures for the other players are taken from the latest update to the SD APA website as of around 3pm on Friday. These numbers are being updated every day, so it's kinda difficult to draw a line in the sand for cutoff date/time. So 3pm on Friday the 20th of July just may be my lifetime 15 minutes of fame. Only time will tell how this winds up at the end of the session (August 9), but for now it's lookin' good.

Unfortunately, the other guys on the list are from different divisions in San Diego, so we will not be matched up. And that's a bummer! A missing element of the APA experience is that there is never a city-wide playoff match among the top-ranked individuals for a King Of The Hill title for each session, and for the year. Likewise, there is no playoff among the top teams in the final playoffs for the City Championships where the top 5 or so teams sent to Las Vegas for the National Championships. It seems odd that there can be one National Championship team, but there is no single San Diego championship team. What's up with that? Not enough money for another trophy?

I just may have to invite these people to the Fun House for a private playoff...

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