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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Cleanest Balls In All The Land

You know how it is when
your balls get that "not so fresh" feeling?

I have long wanted a ball cleaning machine,
but was a bit blown away by the high price
of the units on the market,
so I never went ahead with the purchase.

Instead, I had my balls cleaned at
a billiards store about 30 miles away.
Not convenient, but only 15 bucks.

It has been said:
"All good things come to those who wait".
And although I have never seen the logic in that,
today it actually came true!

And, conveniently, it was delivered to my front door,
a rather heavy package,
inside of which was the
Ball*Star Optima (BCM201M)
billiard ball cleaning machine.

And, it was Free!
Double Wow!!

How come free, you ask?
Free, as in a present!
How cool is that?

Who would do such a thing?
Ok, here's the story:
A couple of years ago
I was looking for a way of "giving back" to the universe
for my good fortune in business,
so I took on the task of mentoring a few people
in the basics of starting/running a business.
My requirements were only that they
"Pay it Forward" (as in the movie)
and therefore I receive no payment whatsoever,
and that included no gifts.

Sometimes, one or another of my mentees,
in a fit of overwhelming gratitude,
would try to slip a gift my way,
in blatant violation of my rule,
and of course I was too gracious to refuse,
but reminded them again of my rule.

However, today's gift is huge,
a massive violation of the rule,
but, hey, I'm nothing if not gracious,
so I immediately put the Ball*Star to work
after reading the one-page User Manual
which was translated into Engrish, from Korean,
by someone who was not real good at English,
but at least good enough to get the idea across.

Any techie will remember:
"All your base are belong to us."
And that is the sort of translation
the Ball*Star people have done with the manual.

Luckily, it's a rather simple machine,
so getting to the ball cleaning part was easy enough.

Now, I can clean my balls anytime I want,
in the privacy of my own home.
This is just the sort of thing a hermit would love!
And I do.

After my balls took a quick spin in the Ball*Star,
my draw stroke is much improved.
This seems to be some Universal Truth.
Any car nut will tell you that
"a clean car rides better".
But I had no idea it would apply to pool balls.

I may give my balls another spin,
now that I'm thinking about it,
and see if I can do that table-length draw
that has eluded me for the last 3 years...

THANKS "Malve"!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always knew your balls were clean...

I always tell people to "pay it forward" too!

Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:20:00 AM  

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