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Friday, May 11, 2007

Pool Shooter's Treadmill

I try to get through Life
with the least amount of effort
and yet achieve the greatest rewards possible.
I guess I'm just lazy.

So, as you can imagine,
I'm really not an exercise nut,
but I do understand the need for it.
For years, I was a long distance runner,
but that finally got to my lower back.
I adapted, and got all the exercise I needed
with serious freestyle Frisbee play on the beach,
and then for years after that,
yoga was my exercise of choice.

Subsequent to my yoga years,
I would do frequent multi-mile walks on the beach,
not just for the air, sun and exercise,
but for the beauty of it all.

But this plan has a few drawbacks.
For starters, it's limited to daylight hours,
and good weather.
And, as much as I hate to say it,
it's boring, and a waste of time.
From a practical standpoint,
I could be doing more with my time
than just walking to get some exercise.

For example, if I planned it right,
I could be watching a pool video
and learning safety-play techniques,
or kicking and banking theory.
(see Pool Library for extensive DVD collection)

It has been proven that just visualizing
can replace some of the many hours of practice
it takes to become proficient at something.

Such was the thinking that lead to
the Thinking Man's Treadmill.
(see photo above)

I couldn't find one like I wanted,
so I had to invent my own solution.
I started with the Vision Fitness T9450HRT model, but
I needed a solid bracket to hold my computer,
so I could watch instructional DVDs,
and even the TiVo-recorded pro matches
and other Internet videos.
I designed the bracket out of tube steel
and the computer shelf from wood.

To enhance the exercise experience,
I use dumbells to tone my arms & shoulders,
and crank up the elevation to the maximum setting.

Other items I've added to the control panel include
water, pen/notebook to record session details,
heart rate monitor, remote control for ceiling fan,
remote control for room lights, and phone.

Add a few minutes before/after for
some yoga (breathing & stretching).

For a final reward,
a Jacuzzi & steam in the Fun House Super-Spa.
Then, maybe a light meal, a nap in the hammock,
and who knows, maybe I'll even shoot some balls...


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