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Saturday, December 23, 2006

More on: Knickerless Pool

I didn't mean to bring this subject up,
it was just something that happened.
I mean, it was a new personal best high run for me,
and I even got it on video,
but the bad news is that I wasn't wearing pants.

Now I want to be perfectly clear that I did
not intentionally start out to make a video of
me shooting pool, without pants.
Absolutely not.

I was simply video-taping my practice session.
Of course I started out wearing pants,
but it was late at night,
in the privacy of my home,
the fireplace was putting out a lot of heat,
and I kinda forgot about the camcorder running,
and the next thing you know my knickers are off,
and I'm running balls like it's a walk in the park!

It hardly seems appropriate for the Holiday Season,
and I'm sure you would prefer to have other images
in your mind, rather than the one of me shooting pool
without pants.

Heck, even I don't want to be thinking about me
on video, shooting pool, junk in the wind.
It's the video thing that I would object to.
I just wouldn't want a video of it on the internet.
Call me old-fashioned.

However, there are people of the YouTube generation
who might enthusiastically share their
world record high run attempts, without pants...

Well, one thing lead to another, and
a meeting was held here at the offices of
Diary of a Pool Shooter
and there was compiled a short list of people
we would like to see do a video attempt
at a world record high run, without pants:

1. Jennifer Barretta
2. Jennifer Chen
3. Jennifer Barretta AND Jennifer Chen

I'm not sure how this got into the Official Rules,
but it seems that there is extra credit for wearing pigtails.

From my limited personal exposure
(excuse the unintentional pun)
with the subject
I judge it to be easier to set a record high run
shooting pool whilst knickerless
because a person would be more relaxed and comfortable,
and endurance would be increased.

This could be the next big thing in pool.
You heard it here first.

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