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Friday, September 29, 2006

Patience, grasshopper...

I have recently become more aware
of the essential nature of Patience.

If I wait, wait, wait...
until I get that special feeling,
in my body, when I'm taking warm up strokes
and seeing in my mind where I want the balls to go,
and sensing the weight and balance of the cue in my hands,
and sensing the speed with which
I need to deliver the cue
to the cue ball,
and with what spin,
and with what draw/follow,
and with what follow-through,
so that the cue ball goes there
(and maybe after going several rails to get there)...
that perfect place on the table so that
the next shot is easy.

When I get that special feeling,
I almost always make the shot,
and get shape on the next shot.

The problem is that I get greedy,
I want that feeling sooner than it wants to be there...

That special feeling comes to a quiet mind.
A confident mind.
A relaxed mind.

Patience, grasshopper.

This feeling in the body may be
the elusive "rhythm" which El Maestro revealed to me,
but which I have seldom attained.

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